Welcome to The Church of Whatever Works

Welcome to the Church of Whatever Works.

That’s right. I’m here to give you permission to enjoy whatever devotional practices make you feel lighter, brighter and more human. I give you permission to try and live anything that makes you feel connected to your universal truth.

I’m starting this journey not knowing exactly where it is going to lead. For years, I have been interested in yoga, meditation, devotional practices. I have been a Kundalini Yoga instructor, am studying the Tarot, and enjoy practicing many forms of spiritual development.

But what makes this space different? What kind of space am I holding here for you, the reader?

We are living in what I believe is the dawn of the return to ecstatic culture. There is no more prevalent an example than that of Burning Man. People are looking to break down the walls of tradition in a way that makes them feel in community. We travel to the middle of the desert in hopes of experiencing something wonderful, creative, powerful and soul-affirming.

Now is Burning Man technically a church? No. But you walk onto the surface of Black Rock Desert and you see devotion. To what is up to the user. Whether it’s songs, drugs, yoga, community, service, dance or art we make our own divine practices. Secular followers set the idea in motion for the non-traditional and we make our own way to help us cope with the stuff of life.

I am interested in discovering these practices so that I can bring them to you, the reader. I want to find out these places and spaces that look at spirituality differently and turn our world upside down. I want to be the Anthony Bourdain of spiritual experiences, going to different spots and letting the reader know what they can find in unexpected places.

This blog is not intended to be religious. We are going to draw on religious traditions and cultural practices, but we are not here to preach. I am simply going to report what I observe in a way that helps the reader understand the practice. I want to open people’s eyes to worlds unseen and points of view that have not been expressed.

I also don’t intend to sugar coat my experiences. I am going in fully open and with a beginner’s mind. But if I learn of something that may be important to my readers to know then I will share it. I make no recommendations (this is not Spiritual Yelp) but if there is physical danger, emotional abuse or targeting of individuals in a society I will share and report.

I expect some controversy but I hope to meet it with conscious grace. You cannot address spirituality without having conflicting opinions but that is a part of creating discussion. I hope to get people to ask questions about the practices they find interesting and learn more about the unexpected side of a tradition. Why else are we here on earth but to learn from other people?

I want to be very respectful of the spiritual counselors I am learning from and give them space to share their sacred practices. This is not going to be a “look at these weirdos” blog. We are all weirdos. We all have different ways to get to our soul-affirming moments. I seek to listen.

So welcome to the Church. Have a seat, greet your neighbor, and feel free to experience a different side of spirituality. Take what you need, leave what you don’t and learn something about another side of divinity.